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Both Michael and Jamie have successfully handled major personal injury cases this last year involving Cars and Commercial Trucking.  Our Firms has represented clients with cases worth Millions.  We can handle your case too.

Car accidents are sudden and traumatic events. Even if you do not feel as though you are injured immediately, back or neck problems may arise after a few hours or even a few days. In the case of a severe accident, you or a loved one may be left fighting for your life. If you have been injured in an auto accident (truck, car, bus, motorcycle) of any kind in Tennessee, due to another driver’s negligence or recklessness, you will need an attorney who can help you get the compensation you need so you can heal and move on with your life.

Clarksville auto accident attorney  Michael Thompson is a capable attorney who is dedicated to helping his clients get the compensation they not only need, but that they deserve. Using his extensive knowledge of personal injury claims and their relation to auto accidents, attorney Holt can help you file a personal injury claim that will help you get compensation for your suffering.

Depending upon your specific situation, you may be able to receive compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses and care
  • Wage loss
  • Any property that was damaged (such as your car)
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • In wrongful death suits, the loss of consortium, companionship, of your loved one

Middle Tennessee Accident Attorneys James Phillips and Michael Thompson

Our Attorneys will make visits to your home or to the hospital to prepare for your auto accident case. He understands that this is a trying time for you, and that you need someone who can stand up for your rights and help you get a settlement that will make a real difference to you and your family.

Act fast and contact an auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. Tennessee observes a statute of limitations for personal injury claims, meaning you may not be able to file a claim after a certain amount of time has passed. In addition, some evidence at the scene of your car crash may change, or may be destroyed. By working with an auto accident lawyer immediately, you will have a better chance of getting a just settlement.

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