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Juvenile crimes are those criminal offenses which are committed by minors: children under the age of 18. This can include status offenses, which are only illegal because of the minor’s age (such as drinking, skipping school, or curfew violations), or delinquency offenses, which are illegal no matter the offender’s age (such as assault, battery, rape, murder, or arson.)

If your child has been arrested for a crime of any sort, do the right thing. Protect your child’s future and contact a juvenile defense lawyer who can make sure your child’s rights and future are protected. Juvenile court is different than adult court, with different rules and regulations as well as slightly different proceedings. Only a juvenile lawyer who has experience practicing juvenile law will be able to be effective – creating a successful plan of action to prove your child’s innocence or negotiate alternative or lessened sentencing.

Defending your Child’s Rights

Our  juvenile attorneys are experienced with juvenile cases and the entire juvenile court process. Our familiarity with Kentucky and Tennessee laws concerning juvenile offenses has helped many children avoid excessive juvenile detention sentences and marks on their permanent criminal records. With his understanding of juvenile law, attorney Phillips can create successful strategies to defend your case. Serving Fort Campbell, Clarksville, Nashville, and the rest of Middle Tennessee, Phillips Law, PLLC may be the right choice for your specific case.

There are several things you should know about juvenile crimes, any of which can greatly affect your case.

  • A juvenile crime conviction is not automatically removed from a person’s record when he or she turns 18.
  • Even a juvenile offense will count as a criminal offense, recorded on the offender’s criminal record. This may affect future opportunities: employment, college, financial aid and more.
  • A minor may be tried as an adult if the offense is deemed severe enough. This means your child may face the same or similar penalties that an adult would.

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