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You have decided to end your marriage and get a divorce. No one gets married with the intention of getting a divorce one day, but sometimes despite our best efforts, a marriage just won’t work - and the only resolution is to end it. If you are thinking about or are currently going through a divorce, you are likely upset and confused. There are many issues that must be sorted out, even if your marriage is ending amicably. If you have children, the custody and support amounts must be agreed upon. In addition, alimony or spousal support must be decided on and property distribution must occur.

Throughout any divorce process, whether it is a mutual consent, no-fault divorce or a contested divorce, you will need a skilled and experienced divorce attorney who can protect your interests and make sure the entire process goes smoothly. Our Clarksville Divorce Attorneys and Kentucky Divorce Attorneys will aggressive represent you in all phases of the divorce:

  • Child custody and Visitation
  • Alimony / spousal support
  • Division of property, assets and debts

Working Through your Divorce

You will need the assistance of a divorce lawyer who has your best interests at heart and who isn’t afraid to be aggressive when necessary to ensure you are not left without your children or any assets.

Most Divorces follow a relatively similary pattern.

If the divorce is an uncontested divorce in Tennessee, the two parties work together to sign a Marital Dissolution Agreement (MDA) and a parenting plan.

After a relatively short wait after filing a complaint for divorce, the MDA and PP are filed with the court and the final decree is signed by a judge.

If the divorce is contested, generally, the process is far more complicated.  The two parties contest the divorce and most of the issues are resolved by a judge at a final hearing.

As divorce attorneys, our aggressive representation and litigation techniques to help our clients get the best outcome possible for their divorce. Throughout every issue you face, we fight for your rights and we are on your side. Whenever any new issue or conflict arises, you will be with a divorce attorney who can protect you.

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