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Family law requires aggressive representation and our divorce lawyers and custody lawyers excel at that. Family law is usually complex litigation that is emotionally charged and requires extreme care. Our Custody and Divorce attorneys are a special breed that communicate with and care about the process.  You get the right outcome with the least amount of disruption to you and your family.

At Phillips Law, PLLC, our attorneys deal with all areas of family law, including:

  • Divorce – child custody, alimony, spousal support and property distribution are all issues any Tennessee family will face when getting a divorce. With the help of our skilled Nashville divorce attorneys, your proceedings will go all the more smoothly and you will have a much greater chance of getting the best outcome possible.
  • Adoption – adopting a child is a selfless and loving act that deserves recognition. Unfortunately, it is also legally complicated. With a family law attorney at your side, the process will go faster and will most likely come to the happy conclusion you are hoping for.
  • Custody – determining child custody is often the most difficult type of litigation.  Whether it is in a divorce, a paternity suit or just post-divorce custody fight, a child custody case requires maximum effort from both the parent and the child custody attorney.  Our child custody lawyers are there to help you.. This too will need the attention of a family lawyer who can serve to protect the interests of your child or children.
  • Juvenile Proceedings – children make mistakes – we all do. When a child commits a crime, he or she will need the protection of a juvenile attorney who can ensure he or she is treated fairly and is given a chance to reform, rather than experience unfair or excessive punishment.
  • Child Support Cases- Sometimes it just isn't that easy to work those child support guidelines.  Our Child Support Attorneys know how to make the system work right.
  • Relocation Cases- With so many of our clients being in the military, relocation has become one of the types of cases we do best.

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Helping families with honest legal advice and representation is our firm is all about. Our firm believes that every family must be helped and protected when it comes to legal matters. Whether you are going through a divorce, are interested in adopting a child, or if your child has been arrested or accused of a crime, our firm may be able to help. We offer a free consultation to go over your family law case and see what we can do for you.

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