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White collar crimes (such as fraud, embezzlement, bankruptcy fraud, bribery, extortion or tax evasion) often involve extensive paper trails and computer or internet-based evidence, lengthy investigations by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and possibly federal prosecution. These crimes require a criminal defense attorney who not only has the know-how to defend a white collar crime charge but who has the resources to investigate your case and help build a strong defense that will hold up in court.

Clarksville white collar defense lawyer James Phillips is a Tennessee lawyer and is experienced in defending these types of crimes and has the know-how and resources to be effective. In addition, defense lawyer Phillips knows when it pays to be aggressive in order to effectively assert your rights and ensure you are protected. Practicing law throughout Middle Tennessee, Phillips Law PLLC has two locations: in Nashville and Clarksville – for your all of your white collar crime defense needs.

Consequences of White Collar Convictions in Tennessee

If convicted of a white collar crime in Tennessee, you will face prison time and heavy fines to pay for financial or property damages and losses incurred. In addition, you may suffer from a permanently damaged reputation which will affect your current personal and professional relationships as well as future business ventures and employment opportunities.

Whether you have been accused of fraud, bribery, embezzlement or extortion, the prosecution must prove your actual intent. You must have deliberately and willfully defrauded customers/investors or intentionally taken money from a company without the valid intention of paying it back. The burden will be on the prosecution to prove this intent – something which may work in your favor, as this is difficult to prove, particularly with hi-tech and well-hidden paper trails.

If you want to have a chance of continuing to do business and be successful, you need to work with an attorney who cares about the outcome of your case and who will fight to ensure you get the best result possible.

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