Michael J. Thompson E-mail

Michael has had a great run recently.  He won a criminal DUI trial in Christian County, where the intoximeter was over the legal limits.  He also returned custody back to a mother at a final hearing after she had lost the child on a temporary basis.  He is currently handling a personal injury case worth over five million dollars.  He is a very aggressive and personable attorney and handles a majority of our Kentucky cases.

Born Millington Navel Base, Tennessee; admitted to bar, 2009, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Education: University of Memphis (B.A. 2001); University of Memphis (J.D. 2009). Served in the United States Marine Corps.
Member: Kentucky Bar Association 2009, Tennessee Bar Association, 2009, American Bar Association, 2009, The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy.
PRACTICE AREAS: Family Law (Divorce, Custody & Adoption); Criminal Law; Juvenile Law; Contracts; Civil Law; Personal Injury, Landlord/Tenant Law.